To add length and/or fullness to your hair, consider hair extensions. At Style Appeal Salon we have a variety of options to fit any hair texture and length. Please call and schedule a consulation with a extension specialist today! A deposit is require on all extension service appointments, deposits vary depending on service selected. A consultation is required prior to most hair extension services. Once we decide on the hair color, texture, length and installation technique, your hair extension service can be schedule for 3-5 days. Style Appeal Hair Salon providesVirgin Indian Hair and 100% Remy Hair in all lengths and textures. All hair extension can be customized by a licensed cosmetologist. 


Microlinks, Beaded

Strand by strand Cold Fusion is a method of extensions where you attach a "strand" to your own natural hair at the root via a tiny cylinder link. Use keratin tip extension

  • last 2-3 months

  • No heat.

Track (Sewin) Method

Tracks of extensions are added to the hair. Total added could range from 3-6 tracks (depending on desired length or fullness).

  • last 2-3 months

  • adds length and fullness with more of your natural hair visible

  • hair maybe shampooed


Full Sewin

Natural hair is braid and cover with a breathable mesh net. This is use as the base to add the hair extension, provides protection to alllow natural hair to grow.This method last 3 to 4 months with proper maintenance. We do not recommend keeping it in any longer than that. The hair maybe shampooed and condtioned.

  •  Full Natural part 

  •  Full Closure

  •  Partial 


Custom Clip-In Hair Extensions

Custom or pre-made hair extensions to fit you. Available in a range of colors and texture. Weft of hair is attache clips that allow is self-removal and application.  Allow same -to day delivery of premade extensions and 3-5 days for custome extensions. Some colors and textures may be availble in the salon.


Custom Quick Weave/ Wig

Hair is added to a net or cap to create a custome style. The wig can be customizex to fit for style, texture, color and head shape and can last for up to a year of more with proper care and maintance. The "quick weave" is just that quick application and short wear. It is recommend to keep a "quick weave" for 1 week, natural hair must be shampooed and treated.


At Style Appeal Hair Salon in Charlotte, NC we offer a variety of hair extensions services to fit your life style. Including: full sew-in, weave sewin, clip-in hair extensions, malaysian, swedish, interlock and hot ot cold fusion.
Malaysian Method

Total of 3-6 tracks added (depending on desired length or fullness). This weaving technique is designed to give clients a flat, smooth, and natural looking weave that is integrated to their own hair. This method requires no glue, cornrows or braids and is notdamaging to the natural hair. This technique will last up to 3 to 4 months





Swedish Method 

Tracks of extension are added to the hair. Total of 3-6 tracks added (depending on desired length or fullness). The track is attached to a Thread only baseThis method is used for clients who do not like braiding, glue and want a flat natural feel.  This technique uses just threading to fuse the weft to the hair and is not damaging. This technique will last up to 3 to 4 months



Hot Fusion,Shrinkies

Strand by strand Fusion is a method of extensions where you attach a "strand" to your own natural hair at the root via

  1. a tiny cylinder link. Uses keratin tipped extension, that are fused to the hair

  2. a "shrinky" tube. Uses Keratin tipped extensions.



Seamless Method

Also called tape hair extensions allow you to enjoy extensions without lumps and bumps. Invisible hairline. No braids and No netting!This technique won't damage your hair and will last for 4-8 weeks. You can shampoo your hair while wearing the seamless hair extensions and the hair is reusable. 



Weft Bonding

Individual weft hair extensions are added to hair. 3-4 weft are used, for a full head 8 or more maybe applied. Hair last flat and seamless. It last up to 2 weeks.



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